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Your Best Life is the goal

Ketamine is NOT the magic pill that solves every mental health and pain issue. It is a powerful adjunctive therapy that increases brain Neuroplasticity, calms the brains alarm system (amygdala) and breaks up the concrete of depression.

Life is suppose to have ups and downs. Many people find mental health medication to be flattening or less terrible. Less terrible is not a satisfying, enjoyable life. Ketamine can bridge the gap between less terrible and fully living.

Old Anesthetic, New Understanding

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that has been in use for many years. Recently it was discovered to be effective in treating many mental health and pain diagnoses. It’s actions are multifaceted and not completely understood. Research is ongoing and we continue to evaluate its efficacy in other areas.

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, separating the different parts of the mind and allowing you to take a spectator view rather than being immersed in the event. Ketamine acts on NMDA receptors, allowing for activation of neuroplasticity, habitual mental pathway reprocessing and pain mitigation.

Ketamine’s mechanism is completely unique. Its action on NMDA receptors, glutamate and its ability to allow the brain to repair neurons and change neuro processing pathways, gives hope to folks for whom conventional therapy doesn’t work, or only shows mild to moderate improvement.

Ketamine therapy can treat ...


Major Depressive Disorder  •  Chronic Dysthymic Depression  •  Situational (Grief)  •  Parkinsons Depression

Mood Disorders

Stabilizing effect for Bipolar 2 and helpful in depression recovery in Bipolar 1


CRPS I & II   •  Migraines  •  Fibromyalgia


Healthcare workers  •  Military  •  Contract Operators  •  Veterans • First responders •  CPTSD: Childhood and Adult •  Chronic marginalization


Generalized Anxiety Disorder  •  Panic Attacks  •  OCD

Suicidal Ideation

Effective in significantly reducing suicidal ideation. Please reach out. We are here to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

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