Benefits of Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic therapy has shown exceptional efficacy in treating PTSD, chronic depression and pain.  Research is continuing to evolve and grow with this old/new class of substances.

The varieties of psychedelics are as legion as the many types of apples we have today. Each has it's own flavor or feeling...much like apples. Macintosh apples will disintegrate into mush if used in a pie... but make great apple sauce. Granny Smiths are a great pie apple but a little too tart for some folks as an eating apple. Each psychedelic has its own particular effect and has a set of criteria that it is most adept at working with and research is expanding to learn what works best in each instance.

Research and Practice

While we wait for the DEA and other government entities to bring other psychedelics to practice within the current legal framework, we continue to monitor new and evolving research currently underway.

We are committed to incorporating new psychedelics as they come to practice and continue to seek educational opportunities within the psychedelic community.

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