No Unicorns Pooping Rainbow Glitter

man sitting on rock near ocean water

Unpredictability is a truth of being human

Unpredictability is a truth of being human. We are born as little sponges, internalizing each experience, attempting to glean knowledge and understanding of the why's of life. This “need for predictability” is a safety drive. If we can figure out where the danger is coming from, we can avoid the sabertooth tiger and live a longer life. This is core programing for humans. The brains first priority is always to survive.  It's downfall is fear. Each human fears different things in differing degrees. Aron Ralston, the climber in Utah who cut his own arm off to save himself is a great example. Aron's brain started with “someone will find me” and after 5 days work it's way too “the arm has to go”.  A hard experience isn't a sign of failure or a demonstration of lack of goodness. It is just part of life. The difference is in how we manage our responses and reactions to the struggle.

Emotions are not the enemy

Emotions are not the enemy. They are a core component of every human. We are not born with the knowledge of how to experience, accept and release emotional upheaval and trauma. Emotion management, like coping skills are learned by osmosis from the humans around us, when we are young. Some strategies we accept, some we reject and some we change to fit our internal framework. Coping strategies born in trauma can get rigidly fixed and can be incredibly hard to let go of. Living in a constant state of fight, flight, fawn or freeze impedes our ability to pause and experience the emotion with any degree of safety.

There are a lot of posts, anecdotes and fables around Ketamine being the solution to a long list of mental and physical ailments…It is not.

No one takes Ketamine and becomes a unicorn pooping rainbow glitter, happy and joyous forever. Humans are not suppose to be only happy. We are made to experience all our emotions… and having hard emotions is not failure. Hard emotions, tough experiences, struggle, are all part of a beautiful, messy, complete life.

Ketamine is an Invitation

Ketamine is an invitation. It increases neuroplasticity, allowing the mind the flexibility to change its path and processing. This allows for the possibility of new….. New thoughts, New emotions and responses, New behaviors.

We will share stories and lessons and ideas we find helpful with navigating the journey of Equanimity with yourself. We will post research and books and other pieces that come into our universe. Think of this Blog as a Smorgasbord of tools. Some of them will fit your needs and others will not.

We encourage you to take what you need or what seems interesting to you….and leave what doesn't.