The Evil of Revenge Bedtime

Sometimes twenty-four hours in the day doesn’t feel like enough. This is a common sentiment for those that experience revenge bedtime.  Revenge Bedtime Have you ever stayed up late simply because you need more time to watch TV, read a book, or be alone? If you have, then you may be experiencing revenge bedtime. Revenge…

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The Benefits of Cold Water Swimming for Depression

Open water swimming

At MKKC, we believe in innovative, personalized treatment options that empower clients to achieve their goals. Recent research has shown that cold water swimming can be an effective way to cope with depression and reduce symptoms. Let’s dive deeper into the practice of cold water swimming and discuss how it can help with depression management.…

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No Unicorns Pooping Rainbow Glitter

man sitting on rock near ocean water

Unpredictability is a truth of being human Unpredictability is a truth of being human. We are born as little sponges, internalizing each experience, attempting to glean knowledge and understanding of the why’s of life. This “need for predictability” is a safety drive. If we can figure out where the danger is coming from, we can…

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Let’s stop vilifying coping mechanisms

Let’s stop vilifying coping mechanisms. Amygdala and stress emotion management Coping mechanisms that originate from emotionally intense situations are the best response our amygdala could find in the midst of abject fear. Humans always choose the option that appears safest and most inline with their internal understanding of life.  Once they are in place and…

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