Mt Kulshan Ketamine Clinic

Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Research Based Care

Only IV Ketamine Infusion clinic in Whatcom county

Ketamine therapy can treat ...


Major Depressive Disorder  •  Chronic Dysthymic Depression  •  Situational (Grief)  •  Parkinsons Depression

Mood Disorders

Stabilizing effect for Bipolar 2 and helpful in depression recovery in Bipolar 1


CRPS I & II   •  Migraines  •  Fibromyalgia


Healthcare workers  •  Military  •  Contract Operators  •  Veterans • First responders •  CPTSD: Childhood and Adult •  Chronic marginalization


Generalized Anxiety Disorder  •  Panic Attacks  •  OCD

Suicidal Ideation

Effective in significantly reducing suicidal ideation. Please reach out. We are here to help.


Less depressed isnt living, its surviving. Let us help you live again!

Mt Kulshan Ketamine Testimonials

"I finally have found a real, long lasting reprieve from my depression. Ketamine therapy worked very fast and amazingly well".

"Outstanding practice. Excellent treatment. Ketamine has changed my life".

Joanna is warm and professional. She took her time and explained the process thoroughly. 

"I thought I would never feel happy again. I'm not fixed but I am way better then I was before."

"Chronic depression almost killed me. Ketamine allows me to feel normally, sometimes happy, sometimes sad."

I have had Ketamine infusions in 3 different clinics. The experience at Mt Kulshan is unlike anywhere else. Joanna is so easy to talk too. The chair and music are amazing. I felt so safe and cared for. 

Joanna understands Depression, Anxiety and how my brain works. She always takes the time to check in and tell me what to expect after. 

It is like sitting down with a dear friend. Joanna made it safe for me to be with myself. She reminded me that I am enough.